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About Jamco Trailers

Jamco manufactures a complete line of horse, livestock and cargo trailers. We also offer a variety of living quarter trailers, either as shells, or, as complete furnished units. Jamco Trailers' double wall, tongue-and-groove construction is quite unique among aluminum trailers. While our trailers may cost more, our sturdy design and attention to detail make Jamco trailers the best trailer value.

The phrase "The Smooth One" means exactly what it says; there are no posts or rivets. Smooth inside means increased safety for horses and livestock. Smooth outside means easier towing and increased fuel economy.

The wall is a continuous unit from front to back, thereby enhancing the superior strength of the entire trailer.

Walls are attached to the floor with a continuous weld, unitizing the walls and floor, eliminating rattles. Our doors are built like our walls, making them quiet, as well as strong. Heavy weather-stripping and good hardware keeps the doors tight in their frames.

Jamco Trailers have a baked-on white enamel finish that is applied prior to manufacturing, so you have the same durable finish inside and out. Jamco trailers' walls are built of hollow extruded interlocking 2 x 6 tubes. Each tongue-and-groove joint is sealed with a flexible silaprene material. This material absorbs shock, eliminates rattles and allows expansion and contraction. The floor is comprised of nine-inch wide interlocking aluminum members with I-beam supports on every four and one half inches. This is why our limited warranty is unsurpassed in the industry.

  • Jamco's Unique Construction
    Other trailers are constructed with a skin fastened at key points around a frame. Jamco constructs their trailers using its unique tongue-and-groove design.
  • Attention to Details
    When it comes to manufacturing trailers, you can always tell quality by paying attention to details.
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